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Postponement of the GOS Galway meeting to June 2021


Given the situation in which we find ourselves it has become apparent that we cannot go ahead with the GOS Annual Meeting in Ireland in June as planned, and moving it later in the year also has risks.  After discussions between Martin McNally, Gerry McCoy and Jai Chitnavis it has been decided to move the Galway meeting to June 2021.  This will avoid significant venue cancellation fees as many of the bookings can be rolled over.  We are very grateful to Jai Chitnavis for agreeing to forgo the meeting in Cambridge to allow us to do this. 

Everyone who has registered and paid for the meeting in Galway this year will receive a refund.  The Galway website will remain open and registration will be reactivated in January 2021.  Further information and dates will be circulated when they are available.   

The possibility of holding a smaller local meeting this year has been considered but given the numerous travel and other restrictions at the moment we do not feel this is possible.

We are sorry that we have had to make such dramatic changes but we have been left with few options. 

Thank you very much for your ongoing support and we look forward to seeing you in 2021, firstly at the GOS Reception at the AAOS in San Diego, and then in Galway, Ireland in June. 

Best wishes from all the team in Oxford,

Professor Josep Trueta and his colleagues founded this society in 1950. Membership is open to all those who have spent a significant part of their training in orthopaedics in Oxford. There is an annual three day scientific conference. At its founding the following paragraph was written which reflects the Society's 'mission statement', as it would now be defined:

'As the years go by most of us feel an increasing admiration and gratitude to those who are responsible for our upbringing and we feel an increasing appreciation for your friendship and understanding among people. Some of the men that owe their orthopaedic training to the school built by Girdlestone and who feel that it provided for them not only a school but in the intellectual sense a family as well, feel the need for an organisation that will keep alive the spirit of this family" [G.Mineiro 1958].